Home Sweet Home

Welcome my fellow explorers and all those who are young at heart! I’m so glad that you have taken time off from your many adventures to stop by and sit a spell. Okay…so maybe you are wondering what back-county, shoe-less, uneducated, hillbilly with no teeth still talks with such cliches. Well, I may be young at heart, but I also have an old soul. I am a native West Virginian, and stereotypes aside (I love a good joke as much as the next person-especially when it involves self-deprecating humor), I love these WV hills. There is something about the trees, streams, and the culture of this area which will always touch my soul unlike anywhere else in this world. Chalk it up to great song writing on behalf of John Denver, but this place truly is ‘Almost Heaven’ and will always be home to my wandering heart. So join me as I explore this beautiful world. I hope this blog and my photographs will allow you to see the beauty around you through my eyes. Allow me to take you on a journey to a land where your heart will beat with passion and your soul will find peace again. Let me bring you home.


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Me In A Nutshell

After growing up on a small farm in the hills of West Virginia, I attended Marshall University and earned my Masters Degree in Psychology. Dreaming of adventure and a brand new life, I ventured across the USA and landed in Twin Falls, Idaho. It was in the rugged, harsh, and yet, beautiful land of the west that I found my true passion. My heart found a new home amongst the jagged mountains and fresh, clear streams. I did something I swore I would never do again. I fell in love…with nature, with adventure, with life. I have returned to my home state of West Virginia in an effort to be closer to my family, but I continue to explore the wonders of this world and the simple daily beauties which surround us all.





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