Unexpected Turns

Unexpected turns may, in fact, be among our greatest adventures.


Life doesn’t always go the way we expect. Sometimes we end up at a cross-road and we don’t know which way to turn. Other times, we happen across the most amazing things which just seem to be dropped in our paths. Things pop into our lives when we least expect them to, and that can be wonderful, or terrible depending on the circumstances.


When I last wrote about my road trip across the country, my mother and I had just visited St. Louis. Our next stop was to be Chimney Rock, but we got more than a little sidetracked on the way there. Somewhere in the middle of Missouri, we happened upon a little town called Fulton. We saw a sign for an auto museum and decided to check it out since we  were a  little tired of driving. After driving down a gravel road to a giant building out in the middle of nowhere, we were not entirely sure what to expect. But, it seemed like a nice detour since we both enjoy classic cars.


To our surprise, we had the place to ourselves. We wondered through the rows of beautiful cars and let our thoughts dwell on the history in that room. It was an incredible collection that made you feel like you had taken a Delorean for a drive back in time.


But my favorite part was the antique piano. After placing a couple of quarters into the machine, our ears were delighted with a lively tune that set a brilliant atmosphere to enjoy the views. We sat on a bench and admired the general splendor. Music can really make an ordinary experience, extraordinary.


We had no idea such an eclectic adventure had awaited us when we hopped in the car that morning. However, my mother and I have reminisced frequently about our random stop to the auto museum and count it among one of the best random finds of our road trip. We can’t always see where God is leading us, but trusting in him to direct our path can lead to some of our best and most amazing memories. Psalms 16:11 says: “You make known the path of life.” He brings us to joys which we never saw coming. Unexpected turns may, in fact, be among our greatest adventures.